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Client:  World Food

Project Description: World Food Garden is an ambitious social networking project. The website connects gardeners around the world, who share tips on their profiles. The client wanted me to re-design the Joomla! platform website to improve the user-experience of this complex environment.

Project Management: Social Network Website Re-design

The most important aspect of this project was its conceptual design. Being a website that provides both a social networking experience and data-based tools, the main job was to prioritize and streamline function and form. The previous site (pictured on thumbnail above right) was busy, and it did not give a simple, at-a-glance understanding of the website’s purpose for the user. It created more questions than it could answer.


The new design bet heavily on presenting World Food Garden, at first sight, as a social network with high tech tools for the locally minded gardener or plant enthusiast. We achieved this through packaging information in concept-driven categories, such as the navigation menu, the community profile menu, the login bar, and the instant ticker bar, which displays the user’s local zip code and Google map location, as well as ideal plant varieties, all in real-time. Once the conceptual organization of the website was achieved, the design elements followed: eco-friendly color palette focused on a minimal, yet friendly image. A Joomla! programmer was hired in Thailand for back-end architecture and programming issues. The site will go live in 2013, and has retained Wonderland Media Consulting for its communication needs.

Client:  Tom Davis, SC State Senator, 2008 Electoral Campaign

Tom Davis Campaign

Project Description: Tom Davis, State Senator for South Carolina, and previously Secretary of State for Governor Mark Sandford, ran for office for the first time in 2008. He retained Wonderland to produce the electoral campaign’s website and videos.

Project Management: Design & Launch of Campaign website

Tom had a very tight deadline to launch a campaign website that would serve as issue platform, event calendar, constituency-communication tool, and online donations management tool. Tom Davis won that race and has been re-elected since. This is a good example of a very fast-paced, needs-based project taken from concept to completion within days only, which yielded concrete results for the client.


Client:  E.C. Montessori & Grade School


Project Description: I was approached by the School Board to re-design this 37 year-old Montessori school website, where my son was enrolled. E-mail and print were their main communication tools, and the time had come for a digital make-over.

Project Management: Re-design of Montessori school website.

As with any web design project, determining the institutional vision and mission was the first step. From that framework, we developed needs-based communications categories. A Montessori school often must educate current and prospective families on the theory behind the method, as well as maintain parents informed of current events, news and any forms or paperwork required for enrollment, field trips, surveys, etc. The school PTA is a central force in any private school, and its fundraising initiatives were an important focus. As Montessori is a playful, non-hierarchical educational method, a navigation bar based on “building-blocks” was a great design approach for the school. I used primary colors because the Primary school is the foundation of Montessori, and inserted images of the famous materials designed by Maria Montessori herself, to immerse the user in the pedagogy at first-glance. This is an example of  Dreamweaver CS design from scratch. Other private Montessori schools have reached out to Wonderland because of this site, after extensive evaluation of competitor websites.

Client: Yoga Chandra Center for the Healing Arts

YCProject Description: It was a trying time for Yoga Chandra Center when its founder and teacher, Kim Cech, passed away due to a sudden illness. The studio has a solid network of clients who are looking forward to supporting it, but uncertainty is unavoidable at such times. The new studio manager wanted to send out a strong message that the studio was here to stay, deeply rooted in its founder’s legacy.

Project Management: Online Campaign

Yoga Chandra Center for the Healing Arts’ sensitive time became a grasped opportunity, as it gave way to a series of gentle, yet decisive PR moves, such as a new print ad on the local newspapers, two editorial articles and the studio’s very first digital newsletter campaign. The campaign report was impressive, with a total of one (1) unsubscribe (due to the client’s relocation) out of hundreds of recipients, dozens of advance workshop bookings, and a Facebook page spike of 200 friends in a few weeks. In a small island town of 13,000 residents, this represented a significant success for a small business without an outreach strategy. The studio has retained Wonderland Media Consulting for its communication and branding needs.


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