Vanessa Beecroft


Client: BlackBook magazine

Project Description: The Arts Issue of BlackBook is a yearly in-depth look at the state of the arts, with an emphasis on the main global metropolitan centers. I photo edited this portrait of artist Vanessa Beecroft.

Project Management: Portraiture Vision Beyond Celebrity

Art world “it” girl Vanessa Beecroft  is a provocateur at heart, whose conflicting dealings with feminist issues while secretly flirting with fashion’s most notable physical and physic disorders has always been a potent formula. I coordinated with Deitch Projects and Vanessa Beecroft personally to set up a very signature portrait. I oversaw the photo assignment through photo agency, budget, equipment, scheduling, editing, post-production and print. Here she poses with her son in her home upstate NY, in a tender and playful moment. The familiarity and originality of the portrait is what makes it so successful, as a daring view into the artist’s personal environment, which is matched by the photographer’s fresh snapshot style. Photography by Jennifer Livingston.


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