Big Branding

big 45 chile-cover

Client: Big magazine

Project Description: The Chile edition of Big magazine, a concerted 2 year effort to photograph Chile’s remote landscapes, brought together enterprises, government, the Armed Forces, press and public opinion leaders. Major exhibitions and widespread coverage turned this magazine issue into a turning point for a previously dormant Chilean design industry.

Project Management: 3-tier process.

1) I set up a network of contacts in PR, the private and public sectors from NYC and flew to Chile for informational meetings with all prospects. I secured two major press coverage stories that would introduce the Big brand to the public, and its upcoming project in Chile.

2) I organized the production for the editorial content by establishing a field producer, an award-winning literary editor, a local advertising sales rep and a PR representative. All field productions, from Antarctica to Easter Island were coordinated through partnerships established in a collaborative process between NYC and Santiago.

3) I organized two major exhibitions, a 10-year anniversary photography show at Galería Animal, the most avant-garde contemporary art gallery at the heart of our demographic target audience; and an exhibition that revealed the final collection of photographs and articles created for the magazine at Fundación Telefónica.

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