A+C Image Archive

Goldin, Nan

Nan Goldin. The Hug, New York City. 1980. Silver dye bleach print, printed 2008. The Museum of Modern Art. Purchase. © 2010 Nan Goldin

Client: Art + Commerce

Project Description: The prestigious A+C Image Archive, which included the estates of William Eggleston, Robert Mapplethorpe, Horst P. Horst, Guy Bourdin, Steven Meisel and Andrés Salgado, among others, hired me as an Artist Liaison, to work on maximizing the archive’s photographic collection.

Project Management: Talent & Archive Management

Systematized studio/agency exchanges in order to grow licensing opportunities for their artists, and compiled a proposal for prospective photographers.


Grew the photographic collection of the Image Archive, managed relations between photographers, studios, galleries, curators and agents, and supervised the selection of archive portfolio images for commercial application, while preserving their artistic integrity.


Reestablished neglected relationships with historic figures in feminist and contemporary fine art photography, such as Nan Goldin and Laurie Simmons, and streamlined artists’ online communication.



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